In 2008, Jeff and Gyi concluded that the options available, specifically to attorneys, to market themselves online were, well let's just say, limited.

So, they founded AttorneySync to help lawyers get better results from their web marketing. Our internet marketing team has the knowledge, skill and experience to improve your firm's business metrics.


We help lawyers attract more of the clients they want. In one year we helped one client increase his Google organic search traffic from 6,700 visitors to over 25,000 visitors which helped to generate over 1,000 web inquiries.


In a nutshell, we help lawyers develop web content that their target audience wants to find. We market that content in a way that motivates people to engage, share, link to and further publicize it online.

This process improves our clients' visibility in search results and elsewhere on the web.


Our clients have come to trust us to deliver meaningful results.

We are completely transparent as to our strategies and techniques. In other words, our clients know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it throughout the entire process.

We work vigilantly to improve the results we deliver. Our team regularly updates our processes to remain current with the most recent innovations in internet marketing, web design, search engine optimization and paid search marketing.

How Much

We build custom proposals taking into consideration our clients' marketing goals and budgets. In our experience, one-size-fits-all marketing plans simply don't generate the results our clients expect us to deliver.

Please contact us to request a custom proposal for your firm.


Our office is located at 208 S Jefferson St Suite 203 Chicago, IL 60661. We work with a variety of different types of law firms throughout the United States.