Gyi Tsakalakis

GyiTsakalakis-300x300The Internet is truly an amazing thing. At no other time in our history have we had access to so much information and so many people. More and more people are turning to the Internet for answers to their questions, to solve their problems, and to get recommendations and reviews of goods, services, people, and yes, lawyers.

The question is who and what will they find? People speaking highly of you? Your angry former clients? Your competition? Your professional reputation is your most valuable asset. There are unique considerations arising from marketing a law practice. I have spent (and continue to spend) a lot of time learning about what works (and what doesn’t work) for lawyers online. Allow me to share with you what I’ve learned. If you have questions about the intersection of marketing your practice and the internet, feel free to contact me: gt[at] If you work with a group of lawyers with questions, I’m happy to come speak with them.