The Yelp Review Filter

I recently wrote a post discussing the importance of having a system for getting online reviews. In one section, I broke down different review sites and which ones are most important to ask for reviews on. The top two, in my opinion, are Google+ Local and Yelp. While there are other sites, such as Avvo, […]

The “Getting Fit” Analogy

Sometimes it’s tricky to wrap your head around SEO. Part of my job is explaining to lawyers how SEO works, how to measure the effectiveness, and also to set proper expectations about what it’s going to take in order to achieve success with SEO in the long term. One of the best analogies I’ve come […]

4 Common Mistakes Lawyers Make With Web Video SEO

It’s undeniable that video offers a rich and engaging way to interact with potential clients. There is no other online medium that can give a potential client the sense of sitting across the desk from you in the same way video can. More law firms are venturing into web video as a marketing tool. However, […]

What To Do When Negative Search Results Are Appearing For Your Name

It’s not unusual for us to receive calls from attorneys concerned with negative results that are appearing when a search is performed for their name. There is an entire “Reputation Management” industry built around helping with these types of issues. However, like most things online, you need to be careful about the strategies being implemented […]

Your Firm Needs to Develop A System For Getting Online Reviews

Online reviews are a critical component of visibility in local search. David Mihm’s 2012 Local Search Ranking Factors report (the bible for up-to-date, local SEO expertise) lists reviews as the 7th most important overall rankings factor out of 90 different ones. Needless to say, it’s something all firms have to be paying attention to. However, […]