Boston Bankruptcy Lawyer vs Bankruptcy Lawyer Boston vs Boston Lawyer Bankruptcy

Ever wonder what effect ordering of key phrases has in Google? Pick any “geo-practice-legal” key phrase combination and search the various permutations. For example, let’s look at “boston bankruptcy lawyer”. It is very likely that each search will produce a different result. As you can see in this example:

boston bankruptcy lawyer

bankruptcy lawyer boston

boston lawyer bankruptcy

Should you target these various key phrase permutations on the same page? Isn’t that keyword spamming? Take a look at what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say on the matter.


The question really becomes one of balance. Obviously, you want to take advantage of as many different relevant key phrases as you can, without spamming Google and your visitors. As always, Mr. Cutts’ response is rather vague. “Just use them naturally”. Often easier said than done.


Really the best advice is to try different key phrase variations. Just remember to think like a visitor and not like a search engine. Even if Google doesn’t penalize you for keyword stuffing, your visitors might (by bouncing off your page).