Inefficiency In Groups: How It Effects Your Law Firm Marketing

I came across this interesting article from the British Psychological Society discussing how to improve group decision making.  Here’s a quote from the article:

“A new meta-analysis of 72 studies, involving 4,795 groups and over 17,000 individuals has shown that groups tend to spend most of their time discussing the information shared by members, which is therefore redundant, rather than discussing information known only to one or a minority of members. This is important because those groups that do share unique information tend to make better decisions.”

I found this interesting in how it applies to law firm marketing.  Law firm marketing is a game of trying out multiple strategies and seeing what works.  A firm must constantly push outside the comfort zone and seek new avenues to market the practice.  It’s beneficial to have many ideas and test them since we can never be 100% sure what the public will respond best to.

It’s interesting because what the above study points out is that people tend not to want to question or go against the group.  They offer suggestions and opinions that will be embraced, accepted, and reinforced rather than ideas that go against the mainstream.  In my opinion, this is not the best thing when it comes to marketing.

Do you have an open forum at your practice to discuss new ways of marketing?  Is there a structured way to discuss new ideas and a point man to see them through?  These are good things to think about.

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