Lawyer Advertisements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Here are a couple lawyer advertisements that I pulled off YouTube.

The Ugly:

Um….Well let’s talk about this one.  First no-no, he talks only about himself.  He provides absolutely no benefit to his clients.  Moreover, and we see this far too many times, the only attribute he conveys is his toughness.  Are people still falling for this junk?  Let me tell you, it takes a whole lot more than “playing rough” to get a good result for your client. So, if you’re going to talk about how great you are, then at least tell your audience something worthwhile.
The Bad:

Well, perhaps calling this ad “the bad” isn’t truly fair.  In this ad, at least the lawyer is providing value.  This is a very crude attempt at education-based marketing.  His head is in the right place, but his attempt needs refining.  He is still holding on to the old strategies in that he is “trading” his book for consumer contact information.  His general delivery is also rough.  While I advocate attorneys appearing in their own ads, opposed to hiring actors, you still need to make your ad professional.  Let’s take a look at a lawyer advertisement that really works.

The Good:

Ah…sweet, sweet well-done education-based marketing.  Here we have an attorney actually talking to potential clients about what to look for when hiring an attorney.  This is what legal internet marketing is all about. This lawyer subtly works in his contact info.  His delivery is clean and professional.  It is more education material than it is advertisement.  My hat is off to you!  You have embodied the principles that we stand by at AttorneySync.

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