Services Dump

When someone asks you about what you do, your natural inclination is probably to respond by talking about yourself: “I’m a personal injury lawyer.”

If the conversation continues, you’ll be likely to conclude that you ought to persuade the person that you’re an, “Excellent personal injury lawyer.”

You will talk about how long you’ve been in practice, how many awards you have won and how hard you fight.

Depending on the nature of your practice, you might talk about how many lawyers your firm has and how many practice areas you have covered.

At best, you will come across as boring. More likely, you’ll come across as pompous.

Instead, try to describe what you do in terms of the people you help and the problems you solve.

So, instead of describing yourself as a “Chicago personal injury lawyer,” you might try something like:

“I help Chicago residents who have been injured pay for their medical bills.”

And the more specific you can be, the better.

So, “I help Lincoln Park (Chicago neighborhood) residents who have been injured in car accidents recover money for their injuries.”

Or, “I help Lincoln Park residents who have been injured in car accidents deal with legal and financial issues related to their accident.”

Your Web Presence

Now, take this same approach online. Instead of plastering your website with self-promotional advertisements, communicate who you help and how you help them.

Instead of practice area page after practice area page, tell client stories.

Obviously, be conscientious of your ethical obligations. Frankly, you’re probably more at risk with your self-promotional efforts.

Instead of dumping everything you can think of about your practice on your site, put the focus on the people you help, how you help them and why you are more equipped to help them than the lawyer down the street.