A Case Study

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How we helped our client increase traffic by 1,914%


Mike Becker is a personal injury attorney with offices in Elyria and Cleveland Ohio. The firm’s practice is focused on birth injury, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death claims. He came to us with a desire to grow his online visibility for birth injury cases.

Brief Background

The firm already had a website centered on capturing local searches for birth injury cases in Ohio. Mike wanted to know how he could increase his birth injury related search traffic and rankings.

How Did You Come Up With The Solution and What Was The Process?

We had a kick-off meeting with the firm to get an understanding of their objectives and goals. After the discussion, our team put together a custom search marketing strategy.

We began by performing a competitive analysis. We created a list of competitors that we were able to identify based on their visibility in search. Additionally, Mike provided us with several competitors to assess. After studying the methods and strategies of his competitors, we were able to understand what the other firms were doing successfully online as well as their areas of weakness.

Next we took stock of the firm’s existing web presence. We looked at the analytics of the existing website, the search strategies being implemented, and established what the baseline traffic and rankings looked like.

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What Strategies Were Implemented?

Using the information gathered from our research, we determined the best strategy was to build a new website for the firm to be marketed as an informational resource or a “portal” site. The site was meant to feel less like a law firm website that handles birth injury cases and more like an educational and informational resource. The focus of the website would be helping parents and families coping with the difficult consequences following birth-related injuries.

Website Development

We advised the firm on domain name selection and settled on www.birthinjuryjustice.org.  We opted for a “.org” extension to stay consistent with the feel of an educational, information-driven site.

We developed a custom website on the WordPress content management system. It was important that we had the ability to easily update the site, add content, and make necessary optimization changes. WordPress ensured we had a flexible system that enabled us to do all of these things.

Video Development & Marketing

We wanted to ensure the site positioned all the lawyers at the firm as experts on birth injury.  In addition, we wanted to present the information in an interactive way for the audience.  We determined video was the best medium for this.  We produced 40, “interview-style” video shorts ranging in length from 30 sec – 3min.  For each video, a question or birth injury topic is presented and one of the firm’s attorneys provides an explanation.

We launched a video marketing campaign by optimizing and posting the videos through popular sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Metacafe.

Additionally, we used methods to embed the videos directly on birthinjuryjustice.org in order to produce rich snippet results in Google such as the one below:

This type of listing, with a corresponding picture, really stands out in results and increases click-through rates.

Content Development

One of the most important aspects of the project was producing high quality, relevant content for the website.  We started by developing a content outline for the website.  We researched frequently searched birth injury topics, mapped out the specific pages to be included, and the architecture for how those pages logically fit together.

The content was thoroughly researched, written in a format that appeals to web visitors and included integration of the videos, pictures, graphics, and text.

Search Engine Optimization

We performed optimization of the site including:

Keyword Research – We performed keyword research to figure out what phrases the site’s audience was searching for.  This is how we understand the market of searches that are relevant to the site and ultimately will produce new leads and clients.

On-Page Optimization – We created a keyword map that detailed which pages should target which keywords on a per-page, per- keyword basis.

Link Building – The effort of getting links on third party web sites is an ongoing process and is one of our core competencies.   Links are the primary popularity signal that search engines use to rank pages.  Link building is something that needs to be done on a monthly basis using a wide range of methodologies in order to receive the best results.

The Results

Traffic Growth – 1,914% growth in traffic

Youtube Growth – 448% growth in YouTube video views

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