Legal Website Design & Development

Why you should choose us to build your website:

  • Unique & Valuable – We build law firm websites that demonstrate your professional knowledge, skill and experience. By developing pages with quality content, your practice will stand out. By integrating multiple media formats (text, images, video), your pages will supply your target audience with the information they seek.
  • Excellent User Experience – Our sites are designed to deliver an optimal experience to your users. This means building pages that load fast, respond to multiple devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops) and regularly receive positive feedback from visitors.
  • Keyword Optimized – We do the research necessary to understand the keywords used by your target audience. Our pages are designed to zero-in on target searcher intent.
  • Made for Sharing – Your pages will be built for sharing. That means making pages compelling, as well as, easy and obvious to share. We will include relevant social sharing tags for social sites like Facebook Open Graph and Twitter cards.
  • Multi-Device Optimized – Your pages will provide users an excellent experience on smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops and other devices.
  • Search Engine-Friendly – We build pages for your users, but keep search engines in mind. That means sure that your pages are easily accessed and indexed by search engine spiders and bots.
  • Structured Meta Data – Where appropriate, we will set up Google Authorship, Publisher and add additional structured data to enhance your pages’ visibility with rich snippets.
  • We are familiar with the unique considerations of marketing a law firm online.