15 percent of searches Google Sees Every Day Are New

Gyi Tsakalakis
January 12, 2021

Out of all the mind-blowing Google numbers that I've read as an SEO over the last decade or so, the one that always gets me is that fifteen percent of daily searches are new.

Every. Single. Day. It's also worth noting that this number has remained unchanged of the last several years.

Whenever I see SEO vendors talking about rankings, share of organic voice, etc, I remember this number. Sure, 85% of the daily searches are repeats. As the experts say, "they have volume." Which means they also have competition.

But 15% have never been entered into Google before.

Obviously, there's a lot of overlap between the strategies and tactics we deploy to rank for "old" and "new" queries. But more often than not, folks tend to overlook the 15%.

And this is regularly reinforced by SEO vendors, as well as, their customers.

This often leads to the conclusion that SEO is dead. Or at least that it's impossible to beat businesses that have solidified their organic positions for head terms. And let's face it, it's competitive out there. At least with respect to the 85% of repeat queries.

But 15% of daily searches are brand new. So, if you're brand new to search, this is where you can win. Don't get caught up in head terms arms race. Spend more time thinking about who the people are that might search for information relevant to your practice. What keeps them up at night? What questions are they typing into Google?

Do the research. Listen to them.

Create pages that supply their demand for information.

You will likely be surprised to see what kind of success you're able to achieve, contrary to what you're told by SEO experts and keyword tools.

15% of Google searches are new every single day. Wow.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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