Great Content Marketing

Gyi Tsakalakis
June 5, 2012

I just finished skimming through Jon Cooper's The Content Marketer’s Guide to Visualizations (it will also be added to my bookmarks for future reference). A lot of people (yours truly included) talk about how imperative content marketing is becoming online, but many don't provide ideas for actually developing and marketing content online. That's what makes Jon's post rather unique.

Let's not kid ourselves, creating and marketing great content is very challenging. It requires tapping into a wide variety of skill sets. Creativity, design know-how, a strong handle of how and what things are shared on the web, just to name a few.

But it's really becoming less and less of an option to include content marketing in your internet marketing campaigns. In fact, the truth is, if you've been doing internet marketing without content, you've really been doing wrong.

Very few law firms have embraced the critical nature of developing and marketing great content for their firms. Some are blogging. But the overwhelming majority of those blogs are missing the point by pumping out spam posts.

Few have begun to recognize the power of informational videos. Most have produced spammy advertising videos.

Not many firms have made investments into true data visualization strategies. This vacuum for great web content presents a large opportunity.

Even firms that are genuinely exploring new ways to publish professionally, have a difficult time accepting that what their creating is of little true value to their target audiences.

We tend to be very protective of that which we create. We assume that if our content isn't getting shared and linked to, internet marketing simply doesn't work for us.

More don't even recognize how they should be measuring the effectiveness of their web content.

I'm often pushed to breakdown how much internet marketing time/money should be dedicated to content development and marketing specifically. My standard answer is about 90% of your total resources. While this is rather arbitrary, I think you get the point.

Most of it.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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