54 Reasons You Might Need a New Law Firm Website

Gyi Tsakalakis
January 26, 2016

You might need a new law firm website if:

  1. A relative built your website as a favor.
  2. Music plays (especially if it's .midi, this is real).
  3. A tiny digital version of you walks onto the page and begins talking.
  4. Your pages have pictures of gavels, flags and law books.
  5. You use flash.
  6. You use Joomla.
  7. You have to pinch and swipe on your iPhone to read your pages.
  8. The title of your homepage is Home.
  9. You don't own the domain, content and content management system.
  10. You have to call someone to update it.
  11. Your pages don't load in about one second.
  12. Your web marketing vendor makes you link to them.
  13. It's not as easy to read on a smartphone as it is on a desktop.
  14. Your posts are authored by "admin."
  15. You're spending hundreds of dollars a month for a proprietary content management system.
  16. You've been building your website for years.
  17. Your pages lack structured data.
  18. Your pages are littered with badges.
  19. Your pages lack your contact information.
  20. You don't regular receive positive feedback about it.
  21. Your domain contains hyphens.
  22. Your domain isn't easy to remember.
  23. Your pages have content that exists on other sites.
  24. Your website looks like other websites.
  25. Nobody is visiting it.
  26. Nobody is interacting with it.
  27. Your pages uses language that your potential clients wouldn't use or understand.
  28. Your biographical information pages are long, arrogant and boring.
  29. It's not clear what visitors can do when they arrive.
  30. You throw the kitchen sink at visitors.
  31. You have ugly permalinks.
  32. You have crawl errors in search console.
  33. Your site lack a clear text link hierarchy.
  34. You have broken links.
  35. You don't use WordPress
  36. You don't have a robots.txt file.
  37. You have the wrong robots protocols.
  38. You're not using SSL.
  39. You're using doorway pages.
  40. You're using hidden text.
  41. You're cramming your footer with every city and county you can think of.
  42. You're using an insecure host.
  43. There are multiple versions of the same page getting indexed by search engines.
  44. You're in a long-term contract with your web marketing vendor.
  45. Your web marketing vendor works with your direct competitors.
  46. You don't have systems in place to track from visitors to clients.
  47. You don't have Goals configured in Google Analytics.
  48. Your pages don't have unique and compelling titles.
  49. Your pages have lacking or duplicate descriptions.
  50. Your pages don't inspire people to share them.
  51. Your pages don't inspire people to link to them.
  52. Your pages contain the wrong phone numbers and addresses.
  53. You claim to be able to do things that are not true.
  54. Your pages reveal client confidences.
Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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