Law Firm Testimonials And Law Firm SEO

Gyi Tsakalakis
January 4, 2011

Fotolia_23632873_XS.jpgLaw firm testimonials are becoming much more important to effective law firm seo. As search engines and the web become more and more local and social, client ratings, reviews, and testimonials play an increasingly important role in terms of building visibility online. But how can legal professionals increase the quality and quantity of online reviews?

In Client Testimonials Can Effectively Boost Your Law Firm’s Web Campaign, Guy Loranger, Web Content Editor for, provides some insights on using testimonials as part of your Internet marketing campaign:

How do you gather client testimonials? Ideally, you can simply accept a testimonial offered by one of your firm’s satisfied clients. What could be more convincing than a testimonial from a client who felt so good about their experience that they volunteered to endorse your firm?

However, bear in mind that many people do not feel they are good writers. Additionally, they may be very busy. This could lead to delays in preparing the testimonial. Take the initiative by writing their comments and asking them to edit what you have written. Most will tell you that your comments are accurate and will give you permission to use the testimonial.

You can also make collecting testimonials a routine part of your client relations. For instance, at the end of the representation, you can ask the client to complete a survey that asks questions such as, “Was our firm responsive to your questions and concerns? Were our attorneys and staff friendly and courteous?” You can also directly ask the client in the survey if he or she would be interested in providing a testimonial and if they approve of your firm’s use of the comments in a testimonial.

You will find that most clients will be fine with your use of it. Another method is to visit the client and write the testimonial with them or, even better, take a pocket video camera or videographer with you and get a video testimonial on the spot.

Making testimonials a part of your routine client relations process is essential. I also recommend getting a written version of the testimonial that includes a short testimonial statement, as well as, a star-rating. Many online rating sites will ask users to include a star-rating. Getting these star ratings from clients makes those testimonials effective online. The next step is to actually use the testimonial on one of the higher visibility rating sites.

It's important to keep in mind that posting of client and peer testimonials may be subject to regulation by your state bar. It's essential that you check with your state bar to make sure you are in compliance with your state's rules of professional conduct.

Be sure to avoid posting testimonials that are false, misleading, or artificial. Many seo companies may try to implement artificial ratings, reviews, or testimonials on your behalf. These spam reviews are not only a negative reflection of your professional reputation online, they may subject you to a disciplinary proceeding with your state bar.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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