Learning To Leverage Video For Your Law Firm

Gyi Tsakalakis
August 15, 2010

Videos are playing an increasingly important role in website interaction and engagement. Assuming you have a good foundation laid for getting your site found, adding video to the mix is a great idea. I've collected a few resources to help you get started.

Web Videos On A Budget

You'll want to make sure that if you create a video, you say something worthwhile. Teach your audience something about your field of expertise. Make your video knowledge-based and educational as opposed to simply an advertisement for the firm. You'll also want to keep your videos short, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. It's also important that you don't just push out "amateurish" videos as this will mostly likely hurt more than it helps. That being said, if you aren't ready to invest in a professional video, there are a couple of options to pursue.

Screen Capture - The Jing Project is a free service that will allow you to capture your computer screen as you speak into a mic. You could put together a power point presentation for instance and create a 2-3 minute video.

Animoto - Animoto uses your existing stills, background music, video, etc. to create very professional looking videos. They have both a free and a paid option depending on what you are looking for.

11 Ways To Use YouTube In Your Law Firm

Lee Rosen over at the Divorce Discourse has an excellent article with 11 ideas for utilizing YouTube in your law firm including:

1. Upload educational videos
2. Find illustrative exhibits
3. Add funny videos to your blog
4. Find relevant material for referral sources
5. Locate videos for PowerPoint
6. Search opposing parties and witnesses
7. Find firm meeting illustrations
8. Subscribe to educational stuff
9. Check out travel destinations
10. Advertise
11. Learn something

Getting Your Videos Found

Producing videos to improve conversion and interaction with your website is obvious. In addition, videos are becoming increasingly prominent in search results. Getting your videos found by people looking for your services should be a component of your video marketing.

Reel SEO is a great blog and resource for online video marketing.

In addition, I humbly submit our own free guide you can download:

youtube guide

Free Guide: How To Get Your Law Firm Videos Found In YouTube

Want to learn how to get your law firm videos in front of more potential clients?

Download AttorneySync's Free Guide On Getting Your Law Firm Videos Found On YouTube.

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