Offer Your Expertise To Generate Prospects For Your Firm

Gyi Tsakalakis
May 20, 2010

Education based marketing is the art of providing your expertise as a vehicle for marketing your law firm. The idea is that by simply providing a bit of your knowledge and educating a possible client, you will develop trust and identify yourself as an invaluable resource. Here are 3 ways you can utilize education based marketing for your law firm online:

1. Start A Blog - Starting a blog is an excellent way to promote your firm on the web. Publishing helpful content about your practice area serves a few purposes. It provides you more exposure and visibility on the web whenever possible clients are researching their legal concerns. It also results in an opportunity for conversation because clients are able to leave feedback and interact with your content.

2. Educational Guides - Another excellent method to get prospective clients to interact with your website is to provide free guides for download in exchange for a client's contact info. For example, if you operate a bankruptcy practice you could possibly write a concise e-book "Top Ten Common Myths About Bankruptcy". You can supply the guide for free in exchange for a client's name and email address. Once the potential client fills out a form giving you the required information, you e-mail them a hyperlink to download your e-book. You now have a chance to begin a dialogue with the prospective client.

3. Online Videos - A great way to show your expertise is by creating a short video. An online video is a very intimate setting where the potential client has a chance to see and hear you instead of just reading through text you have written. Any time you are producing an online video for the firm it's important to remember not to just talk about your firm and how great you are. Speak to the prospective client about their issues. Answer common questions or provide information about how to do something. Avoid shameless, self-promotion.

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Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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