Turning Your Attorney Website Traffic Into New Business

Gyi Tsakalakis
April 26, 2010

You will discover several links in the cycle of creating new clients from the Web. Whenever any one of these links is poor, or lost, your possibility of having success will be significantly reduced:

Targeted visitors

Law practice web marketing has to start off with targeted traffic. Clearly, if you don’t get page views to your website, it is rather impossible that you will be able to build new clients. But page views for the sake of site visitors isn’t enough. If readers for your site aren’t seeking for the info or services that you provide, they will likely leave, or bounce off, your site without taking any action. Therefore, your websites traffic needs to be targeted. Targeted page views to your law firm website is the first link in the law firm web promotion chain.

Qualified prospects

Prospects, or conversions, are the portion of targeted targeted visitors that takes some sort of action on your law firm websites. A conversion might be a phone call to your firm, a request for a consultation, or some other informational request (i.e. whitepaper, guide, e-book). Having several well-placed calls to action, will increase the likelihood of a visitor to convert into a lead. Converting traffic into prospects is the second link in the law firm website marketing chain.


Eventually, in order to get a positive return on investment, your law firm internet advertising and marketing efforts ultimately must build clients. While having site visitors and qualified prospects is an excellent start, those qualified prospects have to turn into new revenue for your law firm. The likelihood of your law firm site targeted traffic turning into a new client for your law firm depends on all these links working effectively and efficiently. If you’re not getting visitors, then your conversion optimization is meaningless. If you’re not converting visitors into qualified prospects, then your monthly visitor metrics become meaningless. Finally, your phone could be ringing off the hook but if those calls aren’t looking for the services that you provide, again, your law firm website advertising and marketing is probably failing.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Co-Founder of AttorneySync
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