Law Firm Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of those terms that get overused and confused. We treat content marketing as a strategic plan for sharing or distributing valuable and relevant content to a specific audience. This includes blog posts, white papers, webinars, and videos.

The key from the paragraph above? Strategic plan, valuable and relevant, specific audience.

Content marketing crosses into SEO, Reputation Management, and even PPC.

Creating backlinks typically means content and your PPC campaign may need a new landing page with videos or downloads.

Better Content for SEO

Content is what search engines are looking at to see if the words are relevant to the searcher. Searchers are reading the content to see if it is relevant as well, which will affect your bounce rate.

Put your target keywords at the top of the page, so searchers know the page will answer their search right away by using direct sentences.

In addition to keywords, use similar words to create conversational language.

Some SEO's will say that posts should be over 1000 words, but we are of the opinion that relevance matters most of all. Three hundred words on a landing page are all you could need.

For links, you'll want to include backlinks, outbound, and inbound links. Backlinks will send people who click on them to another page on your website. Outbound links will send the clicker to a website outside of your domain, and inbound links are clicks from another website that links to your page. Some combination of the three of these will help your landing page rank higher and have greater authority for Google.

*Exact combination needed, unknown. Google doesn't share their 'secret ranking sauce.'

Images, diagrams, infographics, and video tutorials can all be used to increase the time spent on the page with the added benefit of creating an emotional connection with searchers.

Make sure you optimize alt attributes of images and include keywords or full sentences for headlines. This will help screen readers and search algorithms.

Evergreen Content

When it comes to your website blog and site content, your focus should be on creating evergreen content. This is the type of content that can be continually updated but will be a cornerstone on your website. These pages and posts should be heavily researched, in-depth, and inclusive.

We make sure to build this type of content as part of our client’s SEO strategy.

Some examples of evergreen content are:

  • How-to pages and checklists,
  • Original research,
  • In-depth case studies,
  • Best practices, and
  • Ultimate guides.

One great way to take your content from blog post to evergreen is to include frequently asked questions. This will take your content to the next level.

Keyword Research

Any content you create should be based on keyword research and the knowledge that this topic is getting search queries from your target clientele. Keyword research will help you craft content that satisfies both searchers and search engines.

When you begin your research, start with these three questions:

  • What are people searching for? This will help incorporate the right words.  
  • How many people are searching for it? This helps you understand how much effort to put into those terms.

Content Creation & Strategy

Our SEO strategists will look at your current online presence and content, the legal marketplace, and their own creativity to come up with the strategy for your website. AttorneySync’s content strategy is based on the research of your ideal client searches and knowledge of the legal industry.

We also like to engage our clients for their ideas but understand that marketing is our job, not yours.

Interactive Assets

We build more than blog posts for our clients. Our specialists have built interactive maps and checklists, quizzes and gamified posts, and other great content. This has gotten our clients news stories and cases. Your content doesn’t have to be a standard blog post and we’ve got the ideas that can set your website apart from other law firms in your area.

The Cost of Content Marketing

Our pricing for content marketing is part of our SEO strategy.

Got ideas for content only and want to see what we could do for your law firm? Contact us. We’re always happy to talk about how we can partner to help your firm grow.

Content Marketing FAQs

Who writes, or creates, the content?

Unlike others in the legal marketing space, we don’t tout our team of lawyers writing content for our clients. While we do have some attorneys on our writing team, we know that your clients are mostly non-lawyers and we educate our writers on legal ethics. This keeps the cost of content low while the quality stays high. Plus, clients are always able to make themselves part of our approval process.

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