On Content

When you approach the art of writing copy for a legal website, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind.  You not only need to explain complex legal issues in a way that your average person can understand, you also need to make sure you keep the attention of your visitor.  This is difficult to do considering the fleeting attention span of web users these days.

Writing for the web is unique from other types of more traditional writing.

Effective advertising for lawyers requires that you improve your skills with regards to writing for the web.

I am going to discuss how to write better web copy.  Even though writing good web copy for search engine optimization purposes is important, I want to tackle this issue from the standpoint of usability and reader engagement.

Here are a few pointers to get you started off the right foot:

1. Bullet points – Web users are drawn to bullet points.  Default to creating lists and bullet points for your web copy when appropriate.

2. Write as if you were having a dialogue – The power of the internet is the high level of engagement it provides.  People frequent blogs and sites so that they can interact with the content.  The best way to achieve this engagement is to write like you are having a conversation.  Stay professional but write with your unique voice.

3. Don’t write with industry buzzwords – Stay away from legalese.  People need to be able to engage with and understand what you are writing.  If you don’t achieve this with your web copy, then users will quickly leave your site.  It is important to write in a way that conveys your points, but stays simple enough for others to understand.

4. Use pictures and videos in your writing – Pictures capture a users attention.  They can make the page interesting and complement your writing.

By implementing the suggestions in this article you will see an improvement with the usability and engagement of your web copy.

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