Generate More Leads With Your Law Firm's Website By Segmenting Your Visitors

Jeff Berman
June 9, 2010

In the highly competitive legal space online, every advantage you can get counts. One of the areas I don't see many law firm websites taking advantage of is segmentation of visitors.

How Segmentation Works

Your law firm website visitors are given a few simple choices to make about who they are and what they’re looking for. Once the visitor clicks through to the next page, they are presented with relevant information tailored to the path they chose. The choices that the visitor makes are geared towards their problems and needs, not simply practice areas the firm handles.

An Example

Lee Rosen at the The Rosen Law Firm does an excellent job of segmenting his visitors as soon as they arrive on his homepage.

Rosen Law Firm homepage screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot above, when a visitor arrives on Mr. Rosen's site they are presented with multiple options to further segment themselves based on their needs. Notice the icons and clear labels that distinguish the reasons you could be coming to his firm.

I want to understand my rights and options
I have specific questions I need answered
I want to do this myself
I want a lawyer to handle this for me

Every option is framed around what the visitor needs, not just what the firm does. This is an important distinction. As I discussed in a post last week, when you are writing about your firm, your practice areas, and your accomplishments it needs to be framed in the context of how these things help solve your client’s problems.

Once a visitor chooses a path, the subsequent pages get more personalized and targeted. Each segmentation offers a more specific message. The end result is that since the message is more personalized, the visitors are more engaged and the number of visitors that eventually contact the firm increases.

Benefits Of Segmenting Your Visitors

Reveals insights about the people visiting your law firm's site:
By analyzing what visitors are clicking on, you can get a better understanding of the traffic visiting your website. Is the traffic targeted? What types of legal services are they most interested in?
Increases phone calls and contacts: By improving the experience and relevancy for a visitor to your site, you will increase the number of visitors that ultimately contact the firm.
Improves lead quality: By allowing people to choose the path that is the best fit for them, your visitors will have a clearer understanding of the services they need.

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Jeff Berman
Jeff Berman, is co-founder of AttorneySync. "Properly marketing a law firm online is about producing relevant content that helps a prospective client understand your expertise and how you are able to help them. Finally, it’s about getting that content found by the people you are trying to help."
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